Creating a Persona

Creating a Persona revolves around the personality of a sports star whether it’s being humble in defeat/victory or whining on why you lost. This is linked to a sports star own personal branding, we often watch athletes partake in sport but an athletes persona refers to the image they create during interviews or promotion work.

A prime example of an athlete creating an entertaining persona is Conor McGregor, he came onto the UFC scene with a clear goal of being the Featherweight Champion. He made sure his voice was heard as he was over-confident for the promotion for his upcoming fights. What drew attention was his predictions of consecutive 1-round knockouts. A likable element of Conor’s persona, was when he finally lost, he was humble in defeat complementing his opponents fighting ability.

The secret to a likable athletes persona is that you can ‘create’ it. By this you can portray the fact that you have a genuine likable personality to the cameras during interviews even if this is not the case. This will be visible in your actions i.e. keep playing the arrogant card and blaming others for your defeats then you wont create an appealing persona to the publicpersona


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